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Logo Design

Bullfrog Design can help you with corporate identity. Let us design your  organisation a professional logo. Which can be used for print, website, branding, packaging, business cards or letterheads.  We can even design logos and graphics for your commercial vehicle.

We believe in giving you choice so we will provide two designs based on your initial requirements.  We will then edit the design to your recommendations.

The finished design will then be zipped before e-mailing to you in 4 different formats - TIFF and BMP (print ready images, readily imported into windows applications). JPEG (can be resized using most graphics and DTP packages) and GIF (for web pages)

Examples of some of the logos that we have designed can be seen on the right, you can click on any image for a larger image, although please note that the resolutions have been reduced to allow for faster loading on the website. 




  • Logo design service costs £75